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Please have the following information at hands when contacting us for replacement parts or missing components:


The GTIN/EAN is a sequence of 13 numbers that you’ll find below the barcode on the back of your box. The GTIN of CuBirds for example is 4270000367144.

Product Code (SKU)

The Product Code (or SKU, short for Stock Keeping Unit) is an abbreviation of the publishers name followed by a sequence of numbers that you’ll find near the barcode on the back of your box. The Product Code of Endeavor: Segelschiffära for example is BGC-FG-001.

Publication Year

The Publication Year can be found within the copyright notice on the back of your box which starts with a „©“. The Publication Year for Buntes Burano for example could be 2019 or 2020, depending on which print you have.

Transportation Damage

If you have purchased a product from us, via our Board Game Circus Shop or an affiliated Kickstarter campaign, that suffers from transportation damage, please take pictures that allow us to document the damage for our logistics partner. Send these together with your contact information and order number to

If you have not purchased your product from us, please inform the shop or retailer you have purchased from about your issue.

Customer Service Contact Form

For product help and replacement parts. For all other inquiries please see our Contact page.

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