Game Submission Form

Submissions are closed until further notice!

Are you a designer or publisher with a game or game idea that you want to show us?

Please follow these instructions before submitting a game to Board Game Circus.

Before submitting:
Please check our assortment of games first and think about the question, if your game would be a good supplement to it.

Please submit a short description of the game idea and a link to a PDF with the game instructions, rules and one or more photos of the material. Please ensure that the rules are clear and easy to understand and contain some examples and demonstrating images.

We do not review games without a neatly written ruleset!

What we need to know:

  • duration
  • number of players
  • age and type of target group
  • game mechanisms
  • list of the necessary game material

Your game/idea will be reviewed by our development team if your submission meets the criteria. If it is interesting for our portfolio, we will contact you with further information. Please understand that this process may take some time, we are a small team and receive many game ideas that are reviewed by us.

In case you are sending us a prototype unsolicited we are not going to send it back to you unfortunately.

Game types we are interested in:
Your submission should meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • games that are good with 2 players (doesn’t have to be 2 players only)
  • games with a low entry barrier that are interesting for gamers and their families (easy to learn and understand, challenging to master)
  • games for players of ages 8/10 and up
  • games with a duration from 20 to max. 90 minutes
  • board and card games with a nice and kind of uncommon theme

What we are not interested in:
Please do not submit games from these categories.

  • non-family-friendly games (blood, horror, zombie, violence, war)
  • party games
  • quiz games
  • sports simulations
  • trading card games / living card games / collectible card games
  • role playing systems
  • learning games of any kind
  • games with extensive rules and materials

Now you are ready to fill out the submission form!
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