Media Partner Network

Are you a content creator interested in the board game releases we are working with? If you are writing for a blog/magazine, running a show or recording podcasts you are welcome to join our media partner network.

For general enquiries please use our standard contact form.

Media Partner benefits

Board Game Circus begins working with publishers and designers prior to publication. We want you in our network to have these games (p)reviewed in advance to a crowdfunding campaign or the official retailer release date. As our media partner you’ll be an early adopter with hands on prototypes and the freshest releases right from the hot press.

Media Partner criteria

We are cooperating with professionals, youngsters and newbies alike. Our partnership network is open for everyone who’s in the media or on their way right to it. In case of doubt, contact us and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Media Partner Contact Form

Please fill in your relevant information. That allows us to learn more about you. Partners from Germany may write us in German.

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Public Mailing List

Join the Board Game Circus mailing list for all audiences. We will update you, every once in a while, without spamming, about new board game releases, crowdfunding campaigns and our projects and events. The mailings are written in in English and sometimes contain raffles, vouchers or give-aways.