Board Game Circus

Publishing House, Translation & Localization Studio.

We provide dedicated board game services and assist publishers
and designers in marketing their products internationally.


We localize. We publish. Our publishing division combines in-house development for unique games with co-financing and localization of your game for the German-speaking market.

Translation & Localization

Make your game accessible for people in new markets. A translation opens new roads to increasing your revenues by reaching out to the passionate board gamers in other countries. We offer professional translations, copy editing and proof-reading.

Game Development & Editing

Refining your idea makes for a better product that many people will enjoy. We assist with streamlining your game through careful development, reasonable copy editing, thoughtful revision and rule refinements for a great customer experience.


If you are interested in our games we would appreciate it if you inform your friendly local game store about us and introduce us to them. If there is no game store around and you want to buy or pre-order games from our catalogue check out our shop (German only).