Ruthless: Tall Tales – Update #2

Ahoy mateys, all hands on deck for her second update! Wait, what, you have missed update #1? Indeed we didn’t send it by mail, instead posted it on social media and the website.

Here is the first update for you to read.

More stats?

Who is in for some stats? Feel free to skip this if you rather focus on rum and loot. By now we have cracked the mark of 400+ sold expansions. Still way to go though for the minimum print run, we prefer not to have too many leftovers. The expansion will be printed though, by now we have crossed our funding goal! 

54,5% backers chose the bundle, which we interpret as people new to the game or people securing a second copy. Really? Really! Some of you were so nice to remind us that Ruthless is their most played game, you are awesome! 2/3rd are ordering directly from the Brettspielkiosk, 1/3rd is using the checkout on the Ruthless website. We are happy to see that our shop works like a charm for most of you. Internationalizing it wasn’t exactly a breeze and still isn’t done completely. The shop had 5.429 sessions by 5.156 users. 12,63% are returning customers. Most sessions came from Germany, USA, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium (in that order). Most sessions directed from social media to us came from facebook. However, apparently most pre-orders came from people who saw us on Instagram. The top referrers after our own Ruthless website are and – Arrr!


The two nice people from the YouTube channel Before you play will give you a fantastic overview over the new expansion Ruthless: Tall Tales.


More mats?

Some of you were eager to get their hands on one of the playmats. We have temporarily removed the remaining stock (ca. 150 pieces) from the shop, since these are stored in a separate warehouse and caused additional shipping costs. No pirate would want that! Instead of adding them now, paying shipping twice, we’ll send out a notification after the pre-order campaign (together with the address update reminder)  to all those that backed us, asking whether you want to add the mat or not. And then we’ll manually add these to your order. 


Our plan is to deliver the print files to our European manufacturer during July. This should mean that we receive the games in our warehouse in Q4 (Oct/Nov/December) and can then begin fulfilment. You’ll find more on that at the very bottom of our website. 

Compete against pirate queen  Madame Ching in the all-new solo mode

The solo mode for Ruthless has been co-designed with David Digby. David is well known for his solo modes (Chocolate Factory, Undaunted, etc.). In a Ruthless solo session you’ll meet Madame Ching, a simulated second player who competes directly with you by creating crews, hoarding treasures and attacking you. Her choices for recruitment and which card she plays from her hand are all managed simply by a list of preference. You can read this preview for more details:

You are also invited to participate in the playtesting team, trying the solo mode. Please message us via Discord to join.


As always, thanks for supporting us. Together we are a ruthless crew and we appreciate that a lot!

Ahoy, Roland, Dirk, Lisa & Daniel


If you have any question about Ruthless or this preorder camapaign, visit the Board Game Circus Discord Server…

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Ruthless (base game)
Designer: Roland MacDonald
Duration: 40–60 Minuten
Player: 2–4

Ruthless: Tall Tales (expansion)
Designer: Roland MacDonald
Duration: 40–60 Minuten
Player: 1–4