Ruthless: Tall Tales – Update #2

Ahoy mateys, all hands on deck for her second update! Wait, what, you have missed update #1? Indeed we didn’t send it by mail, instead posted it on social media and the website.

Ruthless: Tall Tales – Update #1

Aye mariners, all hand on deck, we are full steam … err winds … ahead, sailing the seven seas. Our limited exclusive pre-order campaign had a great start, thanks to all of you rowing with us to make the Tall Tales expansion become real.

Ruchlos: Seemannsgarn – Update #1

Ahoi ihr Leichtmatros:innen! Kommt an Deck Deck, wir sind mit Volldampf … äh reichlich Wind in den Segeln … unterwegs und schippern über die sieben Meere. Unsere limitierte exklusive Vorbestell-Aktion lief Dank euch großartig an, vielen herzlichen Dank, dass ihr dabei seid! 

Ruthless: Tall Tales – Exclusive Preorder Campaign

Ruthless is an affair of the heart – of us as publishers and especially of Roland, the game’s designer. He put so much love in this critically acclaimed game, adding so many great elements to the expansion Tall Tales now, that we would like to bring to life together with you. And even though we would have loved to set sail with a Kickstarter campaign together with you, we deliberately decided to do things differently instead.