Let’s play

Hooray, you have found the secret site! Or maybe you have just used the link from our business card to learn more about its purpose.

This page is dedicated to the card you are holding in your hand. Here you can find some neat ways to make use of it it. If you have more ideas how to use it please contact us and share the fun.

Starting Player

You can determine a starting player by spinning the card on the table. Once you have mastered the spinning, this is an easy method to chose the starting player. If done right, the arrow on the top right corner points at the chosen player.


On the logo side of the card is a ring with numbers from 1 to 36. You can use the top right arrow on a second card to point at these numbers and use them as counter (for victory points, money, etc.) during your games. If you don’t have a second card you can use a pen tip, a paperclip or similar small items to indicate the current count.