Ruthless: Tall Tales – Exclusive Preorder Campaign

Ruthless is an affair of the heart – of us as publishers and especially of Roland, the game’s designer. He put so much love in this critically acclaimed game, adding so many great elements to the expansion Tall Tales now, that we would like to bring to life together with you. And even though we would have loved to set sail with a Kickstarter campaign together with you, we deliberately decided to do things differently instead.

The reasons for this change are simple: the Kickstarter route would have required an immense effort from the team and would have forced us to produce more games than needed for economic reasons. However, we want to put less time into managing a campaign and more love into making the expansion. A Kickstarter campaign would not have substantially improved the expansion or resulted in you getting a better version of it. It just changes how and where you can get the expansion.

Ruthless is a remarkable award-winning game with outstanding artwork, and the expansion modules have already been tested extensively – thanks to you lovely people from the community. We want to make these new elements a reality for the enthusiastic small following of Ruchlos. We realize that we will probably reach fewer people this way. But we have already noticed that this move has given us the freedom to not waste our time on things like stretch goals or preparing campaign updates. We can instead devote ourselves more intensively to the rulebook and other details of the game.


Let’s talk about our new plan: 

For a limited time, starting on June 01, 2021, the expansion Ruthless: Tall Tales and the base game will be available as a pre-order at Board Game Circus’s web shop, the Brettspielkiosk (that’s our German version of a family-vibe board game booth packed with games, friends and joy – make sure to meet us on Discord!). 

It will be a one-time and therefore strictly limited offer. We have no plans to reprint the expansion or the basic game ever. There will only be a limited amount of 400 base games that can be bought together with the expansion, of which we’ll manufacture only the required quantity plus 20% for spare parts and our own needs. After that all cannons have been fired and we will no longer offer Ruthless. 

So what do you need to do to secure your exclusive copy? First, we recommend signing up for our mailing list, because that’s where we’ll send our reminder. Alternatively, you can already create an account in the Brettspielkiosk web shop and check the box to accept email marketing to receive a notification when the pre-order starts. Early birds may benefit from a discounted offer!

We hope that you can understand why we have chosen this path and hope to have you on our side, supporting us in our intention to bring Ruthless: Tall Tales to your tables.


Sign up for the newsletter or leave your address at the Brettspielkiosk to join early and to secure this exclusive and strictly limited expansion.


If you have any question about Ruthless or this preorder camapaign, visit the Board Game Circus Discord Server…

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Ruthless (base game)
Designer: Roland MacDonald
Duration: 40–60 Minuten
Player: 2–4

Ruthless: Tall Tales (expansion)
Designer: Roland MacDonald
Duration: 40–60 Minuten
Player: 1–4