Board Game Circus

We provide dedicated board game services and assist board game publishers and designers in marketing their products.

Provided Services

Marketing & Promotion

Get ahead of your competitors. We work out a marketing or crowdfunding strategy that suits your brand, product, and budget. We have a strong network of media partners with comprehensive promotion and fans on social media. We represent your brand and product during trade shows and events.

Translation & Localization

Make your game more accessible for people in new markets. A translation opens new roads to increasing your revenues by reaching out to the passionate board gamers in Central Europe. We offer professional translations, proof-reading and copy editing of rule books and game components.

Publishing & Distribution

Publishing, distribution and sales are handled by Meeple Circus. Meeple Circus is a division of Board Game Circus taking your product one step further by covering a presence at the trade fair SPIEL and distribution, paired with co-financing and localization of your game for the German-speaking market.

Print & Production Support

You don’t have to be a print and manufacturing expert yourself. We support your production process with desktop publishing, pre-press and compliance of factory specifications. We compile print-ready PDF files for your print-and-play games and PDF rule books for print and screen purposes.


The Meeple Circus web shop is a place for carefully selected board game titles from international publishers and designers as well as the releases that Meeple Circus localized and brought to life. You are welcome to look around. If you want us to sell your games, too, please contact us.

Game Development & Editing

Quality management starts prior to your market entry. We assist with streamlining your game by copy editing, revision and rule refinements for a great customer experience. For prototyping, promotion or additional revenue we implement your game into the world of digital board games at Tabletopia.