Board Game Circus

We provide dedicated board game services and assist board game publishers and designers in marketing their products.

Provided Services

Marketing & Promotion

We will develop a marketing or crowdfunding strategy that suits your brand, product, and budget. We have a strong network of media partners and fans on social media. We represent your brand and product in mailings and during events with comprehensive promotion.

Translation & Localization

Make your game more accessible for people in new markets. A translation opens new roads to increasing your revenues by reaching out to the passionate board gamers in other countries. We offer professional translations, copy editing and proof-reading.


We localize. We publish. Our publishing division combines in-house development with co-financing and localization of your game for the German-speaking market.


We distribute. Bringing your games into the shelves of board game retailers and into the hands of the gaming community.

Game Development & Editing

Refining your idea makes for a better product that many people will enjoy. We assist with streamlining your game through careful development, reasonable copy editing, thoughtful revision and rule refinements for a great customer experience.

Print & Production Support

Finding the right components and materials? Bringing your game to life? We support your creation and production process with creative input, desktop publishing, pre-press and compliance of factory specifications.