Wild Cards

Wait, is that a peacock, arrogantly walking past the woodland edge of the fir forest? Are those busy squirrels nimbly jumping over branches? Do you see the ibex over there, jumping across craggy rocks within sight of a giant eagle? Was that a meerkat hiding in its protective hole after sensing a lion approaching?

In Wild Cards, you attract animals from a variety of cunning species, offering them beautiful habitats to live in. Bluff and outbid the others, collecting majorities of different species of animals. Succeed and receive animal leader cards giving you special powers. Stay alert and react to the constantly changing dynamics – majorities may change faster than you think!

Outbid your opponents and collect animals on display in order to make your collection the most valuable among the players. Attract the Leader of a species to unlock its power. You win if you have achieved the most points at the end of the game.


Wild Cards

Biet- & Sammelspiel/Set Collection

Verlag: Board Game Circus
Autor: Ferdinand Schnitzler
Jahr: 2020

Personen: 3–5
Spieldauer: 30 Minuten
Altersangabe: 10+

EAN: 4270001195548
UVP: 16,00 €