The philosophy of Board Game Circus

Board Game Circus is a provider for dedicated board game services to support publishers and designers in marketing their products.

We are profoundly convinced that some of the best ideas come from a hobby room or a creative desk at home where you have been silently or cooperatively working on something: ideas from people like you and us. And we know that sometimes implementing these ideas into real products comes to halt when knowledge and expertise are needed to manage the efforts. That is why we are here: to support you on your way, from idea to market.

Board Game Circus is a small endeavor but doesn’t spare no effort in cooperating with likeminded creatives for the benefit of all involved parties. We have gained experience in numerous areas of marketing that we are ready to apply in your individual best interest. With open-minded and transparent communication we are at your service.

Provided Services

We believe that publishers and designers release unique products that we support with fine-tuned services geared to their individual needs.

Have a look at our Services to learn more about some of the most frequently requested services, notably Translation & Localization which you can combine with game development and editing, performed by our experienced editing teams.

Board Game Circus also covers Publishing & Distribution of board games, either self-developed or under license, paired with co-financing and localization of your game for the German-speaking market.

In addition to that we have answered some Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQ. If you have any questions, need assistance or feedback, don’t hesitate to Contact us.

The history of
Board Game Circus

Although being a young brand, the people behind Board Game Circus are looking back on years of experience in the field of editing, marketing, publishing and promotion.

Board Game Circus has established two branches, the translation & localization studio working with international partners from all over the world and the publishing department, developing and publishing unique games for gamers and their families. These are some of our milestones.


The BGC catalogue grows through the addition of the German editions of Chartae by Reiner Knizia and Endeavor: Segelschiffära (2nd Edition) with its expansion Endeavor: Eine Neue Ära, produced and published in cooperation with Frosted Games. At 2020 four more releases join the ranks: Lok’n’RollWild CardsWildes Weltall (Wild Space) and Obsthain (Orchard), with Wild Cards being the first international release by Board Game Circus. Wild Cards has been translated into German, English, Spanish, French and Italian and a durch Version has been published by Gam’inBIZ in the Netherlands.


Board Game Circus joins the distribution cooperative Spiel Direkt to further scale up sales activities and availability of the games.

Three new releases have their premier at SPIEL’19: Buntes Burano, Cosmic Factory and CuBirds.

2018 – 2019

Board Game Circus is managed solely by Daniel, working closely with a network of skilled freelancers and international business partners. Distribution is now a permanent field of activity.

Two new games have their appereance at BerlinCon and SPIEL’18: To War! and Ruchlos.

2017 – 2018

Alexander Lauck joins Board Game Circus. Publishing and distribution are newly added fields of activity. Board Game Circus attends SPIEL’17 with a well-received booth and the promising game line-up of cooperation partners such as Rule & Make, Façade Games, Mangrove Games, Plyt and Tyto Games. At the end of the year Alexander left Board Game Circus to focus on his family and regular job.

The first game, Heldentaufe, is published.

2016 – 2017

Board Game Circus is managed solely by Daniel in cooperation with a network of business partners and freelancers.

2014 – 2016

Board Game Circus has been established by Daniel and Torsten to further support board game marketing. The services have been formed according to the needs of international publishers and designers with Board Game Circus being present at conventions such as the world’s biggest annual gaming trade fair SPIEL in Essen.


Board Game Circus was founded by Daniel Theuerkaufer and Torsten Stelling. The idea to go public with Board Game Circus came when Daniel and Torsten met on BoardGameGeek and thought of ways to support small publishers and designers on their way to the board game market.

Prior to 2014

Between 2002 and 2012 Daniel was CEO and co-founder of a record label – marketing, publishing and promoting music as well as managing artists and booking concerts. During these years he gained all the experience and expertise that are some of the valuable key ingredients for Board Game Circus: running a business, marketing and publishing products, advertising goods and organizing events. Other than that Daniel is a trained media designer.