Print & Production Support

Rule books, cards, game components? You don’t have to be a DTP expert to provide professional print products or PDF files to your customers, because we are here to process print-ready files with your content for convenient delivery and production.

Localized (print-ready) Files

As educated media designers for digital and print media the team at Board Game Circus has the expertise to supply you with print-ready files of the localized rule books and game components, according to the printing specifications of your manufacturer. We will update your original layout with the translated texts and process print and screen versions tailored to your needs. Be it for the international print run or digital download, your fans all over the world will benefit of translated rules in the most convenient way.

This procedure will save you and your designer a lot of time, as you don’t have to bother merging spread sheets and your layout, without knowing the language your content has been translated to.

Board Game, Rule Book, Print and Play

Together we’ll look into the options and figure out what kind of localization and print run would help your product in the European market. From a full game translation including all cards and components to just the print and play files or solely the translation of the rule book we are covering the process from original file to printed product. Even if you don’t need any translation or localization at all we are here to get your files print-ready and assist you with the print job.

Marketing Material

Street marketing, conventions and market entries require marketing materials. If you are about to release a game in the European market, we prepare flyers, advertisement, business cards and whatever it needs. You don’t have to fly then over, you don’t have to carry the weight, it’s all here right when you need it.

Individual Services

We have the flexibility to cater individual requests, feel free to send your enquiry if you need anything that isn’t yet listed on this site.

Good Reasons

Quality assurance, from translation to printed material. To succeed in a foreign market, native speakers will polish the final product to meet expectations.

Save valuable time by outsourcing some of the things you can give in the hands of professionals.

Have everything right where you need it when you are coming for conventions or business meetings.