Meeple Circus

Meeple Circus is a division of Board Game Circus, covering a presence at the trade fair SPIEL and distribution, paired with co-financing and localization of your game for the German-speaking market.

Publishing, distribution and sales: A comprehensive service is key to a successful product and its entry in the market. In addition to the established services of Board Game Circus, Meeple Circus takes your product one step further, to the point where it is distributed and sold to customers.

Distribution & Presence at trade fair SPIEL
These two things go hand in hand. Each year, at the world’s largest board gaming trade fair SPIEL (in Germany), Meeple Circus will represent the publishers and designers that we are cooperating with.

The Meeple Circus booth is a place for customers to learn the games in demo sessions, hosted by trained staff, and make their purchases. For publishers that can’t attend the fair, this representation is a great chance to participate at SPIEL without spending massive costs for travelling, hotel etc. On behalf of our cooperation partners we represent your brand or product in business meetings, proposing your product to our network partners.

Distribution and sales happen during the fair, through a network of retailers and selected web-shops in the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Meeple Circus also hosts its own web-shop and Amazon marketplace.

Co-Financing & Localization
In addition to the translation services of Board Game Circus, Meeple Circus follows the principle of a full-service from production to end customer. Distribution, SPIEL presence and sales activities are tied to the localization for the German-speaking market that is mandatory to get your product into retail.

If you cooperate with us the production costs for additional localized rulebooks, components and boxes as well as our translation services will be covered by our distribution margin. In addition to that Meeple Circus also hosts crowdfunding campaigns on a local German platform to raise funds.

Good Reasons

With a localized product, you can exceed your regional growth limits and start marketing your game to international markets, which allows scaling your projects and opens new roads to increasing your revenues.

Localized board games allow reaching a wider audience and increasing total turnover by international revenues.

Localization of board games and associated materials is mandatory for games distributed to local retailers.

Co-finanancing a multi-language version that will be distributed abroad may increase your production volume with the result of a lower price point per copy – a typical win-win situation.

Current Projects

These are some of the projects that Meeple Circus helped shaping. A click on each item will reveal more information about our involvement in the project.

The Team

Meeple Circus was founded in 2017 as a division of Board Game Circus by Alexander Lauck and Daniel Theuerkaufer.

Mailing List

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