Marketing & Promotion

You have made a great game and you want people to enjoy it. Now get the word out. With a marketing or crowdfunding strategy that suits your brand, product and budget we can do that.

Board Game Marketing & Promotion

With every new product you have to get the word out. Even more though the board game market is constantly flooded by thousands of new board game releases each year. We are working out a marketing strategy and board game promotion to highlight your creation and make it stand out of the masses. Comprehensive marketing contains planning, advertisement, networking and promotional mailings to the end that your brand and product receive press coverage in form of previews, reviews and articles.

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Crowdfunding is a book of its own and running a Kickstarter campaign is a full-time job. We have the expertise of successfully managing campaigns. As Kickstarter enthusiasts and avid backers we know the rules of the community and the expectations of certain groups of backers. We plan ahead and support you throughout the campaign.

We can give advise in regards to stretch goals, pledge levels and rewards considering your budget, and connect you with manufacturing partners and fulfillment companies. With effective communication, frequent updates and content for your campaign page we support your professional presentation while the campaign is live.

On a side note we are also hosting a Group at BoardGameGeek for Kickstarter collective orders, allowing us to boost your campaign right from the start.

Social Media Management

Learn how to set up social media pages and profiles that work for themselves. We will show you the most important actions of community networking and how to effectively include fans and followers to interact with you and your products. For your representation in the internet we will install a blog, website or mailing list that you can maintain yourself and adjust to your liking.

Brand Management & Event Services

Whether you plan on attending a convention or business meeting in Central Europe, we are here to assist you with everything you might need, such as translating services for the time of the event or special occasions such as interviews or press conferences.

If you are not attending some of the most important European board game conventions such as the world’s largest gaming trade fair SPIEL in Essen (Germany) yourself, we’ll be there for you – in behalf of your brand – and meet your contacts and fans, delivering your latest creations and selling your games to the audience.

Good Reasons

Reach journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts to get a variety of feedback, previews and reviews for your products, before and after they have gone retail.

Increase your audience, in the internet and on-site, where people can learn more about your game and ideally purchase them.

Don’t waste valuable time and effort, focus on what you do best and hire specialists to care about the rest.

Let yourself and your product shine in a professional presentation.