Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more frequent questions are answered right here. Feel free to contact us at any time for individual enquiries and personal support.

Why Board Game Circus?

We love board games and we love them from all corners of the earth. The market is continuously flooded with thousands of great games each year. It is a tough competition for small publishers and designers to receive the attention their games deserve. We came to make a difference and support those that need someone to accompany them professionally in marketing and promotion.

The chosen name – Board Games Circus – reflects the colorful and lively world of playfulness, the magic, the enthusiasm and sparkle when entering the other world.

Is Board Game Circus a publishing company?

Yes, we are publishing games under our own brand but we are also a family of international brands cooperating on many levels.

Is Board Game Circus a distributor for board games?

Yes, we are maintaining a growing network of retailers, board game cafés and web shops to distribute our own releases and the releases from our cooperation partners. You can also meet us at conventions and other board game related events, where we demonstrate the games from our catalogue and offer them for sale.

Is Board Game Circus a retailer?

No. We don’t run a brick and mortar store and we don’t compete with the FLGS in our distribution network. Our main objective is to support designers and publishers in preparing their games for a wider market. Our services are implemented before products go on sale. However, we distribute games to retailers and we are selling games during conventions and other board game related events. For everyone without a FLGS in their town and for occasional preorders we are hosting a small web shop.

Why is a localization by BGC better than a so called fan-translation?

Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients that make a great translation/localization: The requirements are good skills of the source language, profound knowledge of the target language and its specific peculiarities like the idiom, humor and writing standards. Other than that you need to know the global common terminology of board games and have insights in all different kinds of mechanisms and gaming routines. Finally, it needs time to thoughtfully localize, translate and proof-read the work.

The fan usually is a gamer, which is good, and has one prior interest: translating the game or rule book for himself, his gaming group or the gaming community. He is doing it in his spare time and mostly as a one man army.

Board Game Circus has the aspiration to localize your game or rule book according to industry standards for the whole target group ranging from non-players to occasional gamers and board game geeks alike. These translations are on par with the quality of games sold retail by the big publishers. Instead of translating 1:1, we respect all the needs in phrasing and speech to guarantee fluid learning and understanding of the game rules. We don’t squeeze work in our spare time, we are dedicated to the job and focus on the process without distraction. Quality control includes copy editing and proof-reading according to the four-eye principle. As a team we also have the ability to manage multiple projects and tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.

A BGC localization is an important part of the product to give your customers, gamers and reviewers alike a product and rules in hands, that plays out of the box and doesn’t challenge them with ambiguous and uncertain wording, which may result in a negative first impression of the game. If you choose BGC you choose quality.

Do you offer more services?

Chances are that we may help you with additional services that aren’t listed on our website. The team of Board Game Circus has a great expertise in a variety of activities and great working experience as well as an active community and partnership network. Contact us with individual requests and we’ll see into it.

Can we cooperate?

We love cooperating and fostering partnerships. Whether you are a designer or publishing company, a promoter or journalist, a creative or business insider, feel free to contact us and give us an idea of what kind of cooperation you are thinking of.

I am a blogger, I write reviews and film myself reviewing board games! What now?

You are awesome, because just like us you love board games and never hesitate to spend your time playing them or showing others how to play. Join the Media Partner Network to stay in touch and be among the first people receiving our prototypes, promos and news.